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Cadillac innovative anti-collision technology

Cadillac has been the field of automotive safety technology innovator, a recent innovation that is impressive. The developed by the Cadillac car anti-collision technology can be described as the gateway to “collision-free future,” a qualitative leap on the road. “Collision-free future,” vision sounds like a fantasy, but it is not out of reach.


Cadillac Global Active safety directorJohn Cappsaid the next Cadillac vehicle Doppler radar technology will include systems for monitoring traffic in front of obstructions and congestion. Looking ahead,John Cappalso referred to the realization of future cars and trucks between the cars and traffic signal management systems, vehicle and communication between the building. Automatic driving a car, might have really arrived.

We can anticipate the future vehicles in a collision may no longer be an accident,” John Cappsaid.”We are the Cadillac vehicle safety research and development of advanced technology to alert their owners to pay attention to security risks exist around. “


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